RespirAid is a unique formulation of antioxidants that has been shown to reduce both airway inflammation and clinical signs associated with respiratory ailments and disorders. RespirAid contains key elements that are essential for maintaining cell membrane integrity, pain management and reducing inflammation.

Respiratory disease/allergies in horses is common and can contribute to impaired pulmonary function and poor performance if not treated or managed.
Horses are susceptible to a wide variety of respiratory diseases, often caused by environmental factors such as stabling conditions, bedding, ventilation availability and many other contributing elements.

RespirAid should be fed on a daily basis to help support a healthy respiratory tract and reduce the risk of RAO and other respiratory conditions. It is also ideal for horses and ponies that are stabled for long periods of time with restricted turnout, or exposed to stressful situations i.e. travelling, competition, change of yard or a change in hay and feed.

Instructions for use and feeding guide: Level 25 ml (21,25 g) scoops per day

  Maintenance * Respiratory disease**
Pony ≈ 250 kg 1 3
Horse ≈ 500 kg 2 4
Large horse over 700 kg 5

* to support a healthy respiratory system
**for horses and ponies currently showing signs of respiratory disease, including cough, increased respiratory rate, increased respiratory effort, nasal discharge and or slow recovery from exercise and or poor performance.


methyl sulphonyl methane, ascorbyl monophosphate, rice flour

Additives (per kg)

vitamin E (E3a700) all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (47 KIU/kg), organic selenium (derived from Saccharomyces cerevisae CNCM I-3060- selenium inactivated yeast (E3b8.10) (12 mg/kg), zinc (E6) from zinc chelate of amino acid (methionine) (4,71 g/kg), copper (E4) from copper chelate of amino acid hydrate (1,18 g/kg), manganese (E5) from chelate of amino acid hydrate (4,71 g/kg)

Prohibited substances

This product has been tested for prohibited substances caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, hyoscine, hordenine, morphine and atropine before being released for sale. Does not contravene FEI rules.

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Active ingredients

C-vitamin (g)
E-vitamin (ie)
MSM (g)
Copper (mg)
Zinc (mg)
Manganese (mg)
Selenium (mg)


Protein %
Oils & fats %
Ash %